Bespoke Joinery Creations - Furniture

We create handcrafted bookcases, wardrobes, kitchens, tables, chimney covers and much more. We create projects and visualisations or we work using sketches provided from interior architect. We join traditional knowledge with newest gadgets available on the market, so that your furniture is not only pretty but functional. Feel free to search for inspiration in our portfolio. Rest assured that we will not quit until we hear from you: "This is excatly what I was looking for!"

Next we move to production phase, taking extra care so that we provide product that matches the project and keeps up with the highest standards of craftsmanship. Beautiful mahogany bookcases, mahogany furniture and more, created by our handicraftsmen. You may think that creating a furniture will bring mess and loudness to your house. Luckily we do most of our job in our workshop so that you can enjoy gorgeous product and a hassle-free. We believe that our furniture will astonish you, your family and your friends. If your guests say "Wow! that's amazing" - it means that we meet our goal.