Bespoke Joinery Creations - Staircases

We design and create geometric staircases and handrails in both traditional and modern way.

We have many years of experience in creating London stairs and handrails. All our staircases are handcrafted by craftsmen, who are well known from keeping the traditions of British craftsmenship. In our workshop, hundreds of years of English craft achievements meet modern design trends. We also try to promote traditional staircases. They are known from their bent shape and continuous course of the handrail, without using newels. Have you seen somewhere vintage staircases that amazed you? Give us a call, we will make the same staircases for you!

Choice of staircases

Before you choose staircases, ask yourself a question - what are staircases? In most of the British homes, they are the first and the biggest element that you see when you open the main doors. It would be nice for them to look magnificent, don't you think? Contact us so that we can prepare a special design. If you choose to trust us, we will reward you with beautiful staircases. You can choose between Oak, Mahogany, Walnut and more. Staircases can be straight, bent, wheel shaped, ellipse shaped, T-shape... and this is just a beginning. Our staircases are made with the principles of anatomy, safety, common sense and British law. We believe we can help you with even the hardest project, creating special staircases for you and your family.